My life

Rex Harvey Johnston Contact: Ph: 03 929 9590 Email: rex [at} sclnz dot) com Born: 3/3/1967 Main Development Skills: UNIX, Linux, C, C++, Java, *SQL, PHP[3,4,5], Perl, Python, Shell Scripting, embedded/realtime applications, communication protocols, X/Motif/Java/Qt GUI development, MFC (deeply unimpressed by this one), pascal, last and definitely least, BASIC & FORTRAN (please don't ask me to do this). Arduino. Admin Experience: Cisco Routers, RedHat Linux (and derivatives), custom embedded linux, Debian GNU/linux (and derivatives), DG/UX, SCO, AUX, Solaris, SunOS, *BSD. in no particular order:- Sendmail, postfix, qpsmtpd, Scalix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NFS, Samba, Apache, Tomcat (jsp), SSH, SSL, FTPD, hylafax, PPPD, squid, gnome/KDE, POP3, IMAP, LPD, CUPS, custom TCP proxy software, FWTK, SNMP, DNS (bind), X Windows/XFree86, Ingres DB, Netware & Linux Netware Server (mars). Strengths: System design/architecture. UNIX system/component/protocol knowledge. The English language. History: April 2002 - Present Contractor. Jan 2001 - April 2002 Comrad Medical Systems Software Engineer Christchurch Project: Radiology Practice Management Software Late 1998 - Dec 2000: Tait Electronics Limited Senior Design Engineer Christchurch Projects: Trunking Radio Control Software under Linux and Solaris. Platforms: Linux (Redhat, Debian), Sun Solaris. Development Tools used: GNU toolset, Rational Rose, CVS. Responsibilities: One of three developers working on the core system, I develop reusable components within an OO framework for the mentioned system. Areas include external interfaces (TCP/IP, serial etc) and configuration. DAS Control Software on an embedded PC104 module. Platforms: Linux (Custom 2.2 kernel installation). Development Tools used: GNU toolset, Syslinux, DOSEMU, CVS. Responsibility: Investigate methods of controlling proprietry digital audio subsystem hardware using existing customer installations. 1998: Manux Solutions Limited Software Developer Christchurch Projects: General 4GL Applications Platforms: Apple Macintosh, MS Windows NT/98. Development Tools used: 4D Database/Scripting Language Responsibility: Write applications. Documentation. Internet Connection Platforms: MacIntosh, Wintel (95, NT), Linux (Debian, Redhat). Responsibilities: Build/install firewall, configure router/frame relay link, set up http, ftp and custom proxies, sendmail gateways, web servers, DNS. Configure LAN. 1991-1997: R.A. Ward Limited Software Control Systems Software Developer Christchurch Projects: UNIX Software in the Communication/Database Field. Platforms: DG/UX, Solaris, Cisco. Development Tools Used: GNU toolset, Motif, Ingres. Responsibilities: Develop UNIX software. Documentation. Customer Requirements Capture. Postmaster for Bizzare hardware protocol implementations (Cash Registers, PLCs, X10 controllers ...). 1990-1991: Ernst And Young Management Sciences Limited Operations Research Analyst Auckland (company split with EY) Projects: Scheduling/Optimisation Software Development Platforms: MS Windows, Solaris Development Tools Used: Paradox, Ingres, Sun C. Consulting in Mathematical Optimisation. Courses in "Effective Writing" and Documentation. Education: 1989-1990: Masters Degree in Engineering. Auckland University. Operations Research, Computer/Mathematical Modelling, Engineering Mathematics. 1988: Cycle Mechanic. 1985-1987: Bachelors Degree in Science. Auckland University. Computer Science and Mathematics.

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