Yay, another CMS to play with. This one is called CMSMS. Not sure about all this alliteration.

What can i offer you? Why would you want to engage my services?

Server Administration

I've been working with UNIX and unix like services since university, which was quite a while ago for me now

Commercially, i've had a go at pretty much all the major flavours of UNIX, but times change and they all seem to have fallen by the wayside in favour for Linux.

Given that Linux is just a kernel, saying i'm familiar with Linux isn't saying much.

Lets just say that i write readable shell (bash) scripts with ease.

I can configure and secure your broken server


Yup, most languages (especially C derived languages), but most usefully, PHP7

If you have a web server running some application that you really need and the admin has broken it but installing patches, i can fix it.

PHP has more deprecated features, extensions/frameworks and just bizarre APIs than you can shake a stick at. I won't claim to have seen them all, but i've seen my fair share and can figure out what needs to be done.

Data Analysis

You have a SQL database with so much collected data you don't know what to do with it?

Yes, i can help here too. I've been creating data models since being an Operations Research Analyst in the 90s

If you are interested and think i can help get in touch

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